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BSB Global offers a wide selection of trading accounts. Each of them offers traders various opportunities and allows you to trade in different ways.

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Types of Trading Accounts

We offer four main types of accounts, the functions of which vary depending on the size of the initial deposit and the appropriate minimum trading units.

Demo account

A demo account can be opened by customers who want to test their strategies and skills in the market before making real transactions. Since this is just a demo account, traders can make risk-free transactions with fake money without personal costs. Such an account is ideal for new traders.

Mini account

Mini account are low capitalization accounts that allow traders to enter the market with very little capital. This account usually limit the size of transaction positions on the account by micro-lots (in increments of 0.01 lot). This helps traders control the risk factor in their accounts.

Standard Account (Classic)

A standard account is suitable for traders who already have some experience in the market. According to the trading style, short and medium term trading will be optimal. Such an account will be useful to those investors who want to trade not only in currency pairs, but also in contracts for difference, as well as metals.

VIP accounts (Premium or Platinum)

These are the best accounts for experienced traders with a large amount of capital and the largest initial deposits. Such accounts often provide access to additional analytics, a personal adviser and the narrowest spreads. VIP account holders can trade an unlimited number of standard lots, which allows them to potentially earn good money on their accounts.

Trading accounts from the best broker will provide you with guaranteed success and profit.

Account Selection

The choice of the type of account to open will depend on a number of factors related to the level of experience of the trader and how he plans to conduct his business in the market. But the most significant is the amount of capital that you are willing to invest.

To create an account, you should first try a training demo account that will help you assess your skills and abilities. It will also protect against sudden risk and loss.

Deposit amount 1000$ 2500$ 5000$ 10.000$ 50.000$ 100.000$
Trading InstrumentsOver 20 trading instrumentsOver 50 trading instrumentsOver 100 trading instrumentsAll trading instrumentsAll trading instrumentsAll trading instruments
SpreadsFrom 3 pointsFrom 4 pointsFrom 2.5 pointsFrom 2 pointsFrom 1 pointFrom 0.7 points
BonusesUp to 25%Up to 35%Up to 50%Up to 75%Up to 90%Up to 100%
Account insuranceUp to 10%Up to 15%Up to 20%Up to 40%Up to 50%Up to 75%
Micro Lot Trading++++++