Platform cTrader

The cTrader platform gives the most advanced technological solutions to our customers!

According to representatives of financial markets and experienced traders, cTrader is considered one of the most popular trading platforms used by millions of traders from around the world. Using the platform, traders can place and manage trades and use technical tools for analysis.

For this, the platform offers a simple user interface, advanced charting functions, indicators and support for the MQL language (MetaQuotes Language 4), which allows traders to create their own indicators and test them.

Competitive Advantages

  • Trade on the go with the mobile app
  • There are no trading restrictions with the platform
  • Scalping strategies are welcome
  • The platform is suitable for different levels of traders from beginners to professionals
  • Simple and transparent deposit and withdrawal of funds
  • Multi language support
  • Many innovative features

Top traders trade with cTrader!

Our platform

Join our team and get access to the most popular and popular cTrader platform. Our clients have been successfully using for many years, in return they will learn comfortable and progressive trading and growth of their capital.

The platform offers many opportunities for traders of all skill levels.


The trading platform has serious analytical capabilities. There are 9 timeframes (periods) available for each financial instrument, which allow you to analyze in detail the dynamics of quotes. A significant help in the analytical work are 30 built-in technical indicators and 24 graphic objects.

Use these tools together with each other, identify trends, determine entry and exit points – the analytical capabilities of cTrader allow you to identify market movements in advance and not miss the chance of a successful transaction.

Another advantage of cTrader is security. All information on the platform is securely encrypted, but for greater certainty, you can use RSA digital signatures. Be sure – with these features your trading accounts are protected!

Over 150 tools
with one click
Automation scripts and alerts
Advisors and technical indicators